Labor Day Part I

We're in Destin having a good time. We ventured out to the beach on Friday night for a little beach session. Paisley lasted all of 5 minutes but I did manage to get two good pictures of the 3 of us. I was hoping for more since it's so beautiful here but oh well.

My brother & sister in law's sisters were a little better. Benton fell down and got a boo boo before he hit the beach so we wiped off the blood & started shooting (concerned aunt I am!)

Kinley was a trooper. I told her to give me her best smile & then I just watched and clicked while she played in the sand.

Poor B was hurt & needed a hug from his mama and a lift from daddy.

Lisa's 32nd birthday was on Saturday so we took a girls day out & hit the outlet mall. Love this lady!

Paisley & I are headed to Pensacola on Tuesday to visit my brother, sister in law & niece Olivia. So there will be some pictures of her sweet face soon. Stay tuned!

Happy Labor day,

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