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How can people say there aren't angels among us? I can name 3 angels that have blessed my life in the last month. 3 people who gave us their time, energy & strength to take care of my baby for the last 3 weeks so that she wouldn't have to go to daycare while I worked.

Have I told you that story yet? That Paisley only lasted 4 hours at daycare one Monday before Todd picked her up and then refused to let her go back there? And then I had to scrammble to find people to watch her until Dec 21st? Well God proved Himself faithful once again and 3 special ladies came to our rescue.

Mother Therese flew back to NC after a week after she was here for Thanksgiving. She unfortunately had a rough week. I don't know if Paisley had seperation anxiety or if the antibiotics from the virus she picked up while being at a daycare for 4 hours messed her up or if she just bad a week but Paisley was not her typical happy self that week. She literally went on a 4 day hunger strike and refused to eat during the day while I was at work. She would go 12 hrs each day without eating. It stressed both my mom & I out. I'm so thankful that my mother was there to take care of her during that stressful week instead of Paisley being at a daycare. I can't thank Momma T enough!

From Paisley_Month 5

My friend Kaleena had Paisley the next week. Kaleena is a school teacher & was tracked out in December so she was willing to help us out (can you say Jesus that she would be tracked out when we needed her the most!). Thankfully Paisley had a better week and she ate. Kaleena would literally write up details of their days together. And like true teacher fashion, she would give me assesments on what Paisley was doing, things she liked & how she could improve certain skills. You have NO idea how thankful I was that this teacher was here with my baby. Kaleena even taught me a few things that I didn't know about Paisley and about our dishwasher caddie! :-)
From Paisley_Month 5

My friend Kelly stepped up the next week. She said the Lord had already put it on her heart before I called & asked her to babysit. How cool is that? Well, Kelly is a super hero mommy. She has 2 kids of her own so 3 is a lot of work! They had a birthday party for Jesus! And they had craft day and made this.

From Paisley_Month 5
From Paisley_Month 5

Thank you just doesn't cut it! I cannot thank these 3 angels enough for taking such good care of my baby.

We love you all!
Todd, Candice & Paisley

Mel :) –   – (December 27, 2012 at 4:42 PM)  

you're so lucky to be blessed with such loving friends and family. I would have loved to help if I had been there. I am sure it will be tough to leave these wonderful angels, but I'm sure you won't have any troubles finding new people to love and support you in TX.

See you soon!

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