12 Week Photo Session

I had a doctor's appointment this week because they are monitoring a pretty large cyst on my right ovary. They say it's common to develop cysts while you are pregnant but they watch it closely just in case.

While they were up there, the technician did a little photo session of the baby. I haven't seen the baby since it was 7 weeks and it literally was just a dot on the screen. But this time, it actually looked like a real BABY!

This was the first shot that I saw & I immediately begin to panic. I asked the technician why it had a hole in it's head. She asked if this was my first baby and reassured me that it was just the ultrasound and not actually a hole in it's head. Thank God! I thought for a second that the baby would take after me.

From Baby Bump

The next 2 were done in 3D which I think is a bit creepy. Cool but creepy.
From Baby Bump

The baby was really moving around in there. It was kicking it's feet and it was moving its hands around. The tech was so sweet and was like "look it's waving HI to us". I just kept thinking no it's not. It's my child so it's probably saying 'get that big freakin wand out of my head lady'.
From Baby Bump

It was so cool to see the baby. I often think that it's really not in there since I can't feel it but once you see pictures like these, you know it's in there! Still amazes me how God takes a bunch of cells and makes a baby. Technology also amazes me that we can actually see it and in 3D! This baby better get use to all these photos because it's gonna have a camera in it's face the second it gets here!!! I can't wait.

Much Love,
T, C & BC (Baby Craig)

Kim  – (January 7, 2012 at 3:38 PM)  

Girl, you cracked me up with your comments. Can't wait to meet your baby! I still can't believe it!!! :-) Love you!!!

Anonymous –   – (January 8, 2012 at 1:04 PM)  

Oh my goodness, it really does look like a baby now.....made me cry....I just can't believe it, man what an awesome God we have....still freaks me out that technology has come so far....32 years ago they never did ultrasounds....now they do them alot....I can't wait to see the baby in person on 2-9-2012, well on the ultrasound in person....love ya'll, take care of my baby, Momma T

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