I'm a blog stalker

Ok- I have a confession. I have a new blog that I'm stalking thanks to Pinterest. If you haven't checked Pinterest out please do- it's awesome. Click here

Ok- so my new blog stalk is by a LOCAL hairdresser. Her name is Kate and she is fabulous. She's into hair, cooking, crafts that she sells on Etsy, Do It Yourself things and she loves the Pioneer woman, Ree Drummond. I came across her blog- Its the Small Things last week. I've pretty much been stalking it every day since then. I just love this girl and I'm pretty sure if we met, we'd be BEST friends! I have watched EVERY single tutorial she has and I am in love with her hair. She channels Reese Witherspoon while I channel Carrie Underwood but I've got to say, her hair is GORGEOUS!

She did a tutorial today were she she teasing her hair for what I like to call the 'Texas poof' and my heart almost stopped. I love teased hair. I love poofs! I think she must be from Texas. I'm telling you we are destined to be friends.

Anyhoo- the reason why I share this with you is
1.) Because I love her and I want to share her with the ones I love
2.) She recommended Aquage uplifting foam that you can only be ordered online (believe me I've already checked all the places around here). I'm putting in a order this week and wondered if anybody needs some uplifting foam??? If so, leave a comment or email me at candiceacraig@gmail.com and we'll get you hooked up!

This is my favorite post on her blog where she describes the products that she uses on a daily basis. Click here (And yes I have picked up every single item on the list besides Aquage but thats coming soon!)

Sorry no pics today but there are some coming tomorrow.
Love ya,

Kim  – (August 29, 2011 at 2:50 PM)  

I just watched her flat iron & backteasing tutorials. She's awesome! I wish my hair would look like that. And those products look awesome, too. You are a good hairdresser, BF. Your hair always looks amazing. And heaven knows you made my wedding hair look great! :) And by the way, I like Carrie hair better than Reese Hair. Just saying... :) Love ya!

geraldean  – (August 29, 2011 at 5:44 PM)  

hilarious. i just was on your pinterest and saw the cute curled under do. guess I better get some alligator clips! You should break-up with your hairdresser and go to this chick!

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