Kaleena's Wedding Shower

This weekend was all about celebrating upcoming weddings. Todd had an all day & all night bachelor party for Smiley Steve which involved paintball, go carts and poker. And I had a wedding shower to attend for my friend Kaleena.

Kaleena & I have been friends for as long as I've lived in NC. She & I are very close and more like sisters (we even fight like sisters sometimes). It wasn't even 2 years ago when a distraught Kaleena was crying her eyes out about wanting a husband. I'll never forget that moment. Kaleena, Todd & I sat Indian style on the floor of my bedroom and prayed for a husband for Kaleena. I think Todd & I did all the praying and Kaleena just wept. We prayed that God would prepare Kaleena's husband, that he would be spiritually and emotionally ready when they finally met, that he would be a man of God and the most perfect fit for her and that God would send him SOON. Not 3 months later, Robbie Fleming arrived on the scene! And this weekend I celebrated with my friend as we praised God for another answered prayer!

From Kaleena's Shower

Kaleena's shower was at the home of Sharon Gordon. Sharon is the grandmother to Alston. Alston is a 5th grader who Kaleena has been tutoring for awhile. Like true Kaleena style, she goes over & above with him and his family loves her and has adopted her. Alston absolutely loves Kaleena.
From Kaleena's Shower

Sharon did an AMAZING job of setting up the shower. She spent days & weeks getting ready for this party. Everything was so lovely and so detailed. She had fresh flowers, real tea cups & tea (as a take home party favor) and lots of yummy food. She set up tables with linens and even brought out her good crystal. We were partying in style!
From Kaleena's Shower

This is Sharon & her whole family with Kaleena & Robbie. They all helped out. Sharon made the boys "waiters". She had them dress up in their suits and ties and they waited on us while we ate.
From Kaleena's Shower

I can't tell. Do you think Robbie was having fun?
From Kaleena's Shower

After lunch and some Bride bingo, it was time to open gifts. I've been to a lot of showers but I have NEVER seen anybody so excited about bath stuff. She literally was excited about everything they got. Even this-
From Kaleena's Shower

I think her all time favorite gift was this thing- a Magic Bullet. (Sounds worse than what it actually is)
From Kaleena's Shower

We had a great time! Thanks so much Sharon for hosting! I know it meant a lot to both Kaleena & Robbie.
From Kaleena's Shower

Congrats Kaleena! So happy to share Saturday with you. Looking forward to September 3, 2011!
From Kaleena's Shower

To see all the pictures, just click here.
Kaleena's Shower

Much Love,

Kelsey  – (May 15, 2011 at 4:33 PM)  

Well, I just looked at all the pictures, and I am so thankful that you documented every little detail since I couldn't be there. I really wish I could have been. If I could be in ten different places at once I could. Also, I started crying, as I feel like we've all been on this journey and it provides such hope that God does provide and He is SO faithful, Candice you are married and Kaleena will be shortly. I hold on to these stories of God answering prayers, and know that one day my time will come. Can't wait to celebrate at Kaleena's bachelorette party and at the wedding.

Nat  – (May 15, 2011 at 5:59 PM)  

great shots girl. I can see big improvements! And lots of hugs for Kaleena. Hugs!

Kim  – (May 15, 2011 at 6:21 PM)  

I enjoyed seeing these pics from Kaleena's shower. We registered for some of the same things from Bed, Bath & Beyond. That was fun! :)

Don't know what I'd have done without your and Todd's prayers for me to get my husband. You guys need to start a husband prayer hotline. :) Ha,ha. Seriously... Love you guys!

geraldean  – (May 16, 2011 at 5:19 PM)  

That is an awesome pic of you and Kaleena! I love Kaleena's wedding too! It means you have to come to NY. Woot woot!! I also love that top on you. Where'd ye get it?

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