Dasha Update

Last year I introduced you to an 16 year old Ukraine girl named Dasha that a couple from Michigan was trying to adopt. You can see that past blog here

Todd & I were compelled to help this family financially with raising money for her adoption and I have been following the family's blog (which you must see here) ever since.

There has been much progress made since I last wrote about Dasha and I wanted to share that with you.

The Little family (Danielle & AL) are currently in Ukraine visiting Dasha and finalizing adoption papers. They will be there for a few weeks until they bring Dasha home.

But here's the main thing I want to share with you. If you read the Little's blog then you'll see that at the end of last year there was NO to little hope that the adoption would actually go through. The Ukraine government had put a temporary block on all international adoptions at the end of the year. This was devastating for the Little family. What was more devastating was Dasha's age. They were trying to have her legally adopted by the age of 17 b/c at that point, Dasha would not belong to the state anymore and therefore would not be adoptable. When I talked to my friend Laura Johnson about this, she literally told me that it would take a MIRACLE for Dasha to be adopted at all. The chance for her adoption was literally so slim that it wouldn't happen WITHOUT GOD stepping in. My friend LJ loves the Lord and has seen Him work miracle after miracle but honestly, I doubted. After dinner that night, I couldn't wrap my head around the fact that Dasha wouldn't be able to be adopted. Why on earth would God put this on Danielle & Al Little's hearts and then NOT come through. My doubt didn't last long once I realized and truly believed that this WAS God's will and because it was His will, then He'd just have to work this out.

Sure enough, God preformed a miracle and the Little's are over there now making this legal. If that doesn't make you believe in the power of prayer, then I don't know what will!

My friend Kelsey wrote a comment on my last post about hope and what she said is so true. There is hope with JESUS. No matter what you are praying for- a husband, children, a change of heart, financial blessing or just plain sanity- there is HOPE if you know the Lord. David wrote in Psalms 25:5 "Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my HOPE is in you all day long". That gives me hope and I'm preaching more to myself than anybody else!

Will you praise Jesus with me about Dasha's adoption???!!! Only with HOPE in Him will Dasha see and experience a family who LOVES her. How amazing is that??

Will you also do me a favor and pray for Todd & I? Ever since I went to Belize last year and saw where my little girls (Shemecka & Chelsie) live (a run down shack), God has put it on my heart to adopt. Todd & I are both open to the idea of adoption but don't know when the right time is and when we should start looking into it. Its just an idea and a future hope right now. Will you pray with me that if this is God's will, that He will begin opening doors and really putting it on our hearts to adopt when the time is right. As newlyweds, I can't imagine adopting right now because I just soak up all the time I have with my husband. But I want God's perfect timing and I also want to be obedient to His will. If you read the Little's last blog, entitled "Time to get to the truth", you'd probably want to adopt too. Danielle speaks real truth about how we can all make a difference.  It makes me want to go out right now and do something but I know that I must wait, pray,  and  trust in the Lord for His perfect timing.

Sorry for no pictures with this blog. I just wanted to catch you up on the latest with Dasha and chat a bit. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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