Hunter 6 months

My sweet boy turned 6 months this last week. And to celebrate, he was sick! Poor thing got viral pharyngitis from his sissy. Then he got a sinus infection on top of that. It's been a long 10 days of crying, coughing, congestion and NO sleep. It's been rough on all of us.

Here are our monthly photos. He's obsessed with sticking his tongue out right now.

I finally got him out of the rock n play and into his crib (which he really didn't like) until he got sick. Now he's back in the rock n play to keep him elevated. So we'll have to do the crib training all over again soon :-(

I shared this one of FB the other day. She hugged him a little too hard and the next second he pulled her hair. I died laughing after I got over the fact that I wasn't going to get the perfect shot of them together because she was done after that.

His hair is starting to grow a little so I've been trying a mohawk on him. haha

I just can't get over how cute and how happy this kid is. I'm glad the week is over and my happy baby is back!

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