10 months

Our girl is 10 months old today. She'll be 1 in no time! How is that possible???

She's had a lot of transition in her life lately and I think she's handled it pretty well (I'll have more on her TX life soon).

From 10 months

I'm back to loving this age. She has picked up so many new things lately. She's talking up a storm- dada, mama & ba are her favorite words. And although I hate to share this- dada was her first word. Killed me that she would say dada over mama first but what can you do? She still isn't crawling much (little stinker). She gets up on all fours and goes backwards but hasn't mastered the art of going forward. Her favorite thing to do is hold on to your fingers and do laps around the house. I swear she thinks she can walk on her own. I think she'll go straight to walking & RUNNING very soon. She's also got 6 teeth to eat her favorite foods which include french fries, pancakes, veggie sticks, maple sticks & crackers. I'm hoping her pallet will expand soon :-)

Now to our monthly pics. The bunny is in the barn somewhere with all the rest of our belongings & I just couldn't find it. Oh well.
From 10 months
From 10 months

We were in Arkansas last weekend for my sister's graduation from Grad school. Pics coming soon!!!

Kelsey  – (May 16, 2013 at 4:26 PM)  

I just can't get over how cute she is. I'm a broken record here, but man, she's just ADORABLE!! (not surprised though, I know where she gets it from) ;) Continue to love TX but don't forget us over here in NC! Love you!

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