And the winner(s) is....

Thank you all who emailed or put comments on the blog this help. I greatly appreciate it and it really helped me pick which photos to share with my class last night. I actually ended up printing 4 from each group. The picks were

Umstead: #2(water fountain), #3(patio furniture in sephia), #5(pebbles) and #10(flower with macro lens)

Urban: #1(Lucky Strike tower), #2(Durham buildings), #9(Revolution sign) and last but not least #7(colorful mural)

I really liked the pictures from downtown Durham but there was something about #7 (colorful mural) that I absolutely LOVE. (Everybody in class loved it too!)


When I went to Southeastern Camera yesterday afternoon, the guy who printed it told me about a book that they're creating and they want pictures of that their customers took. He wants me to submit this one. I think I will!

This shot was pure "accident". It was taken while we were walking between restaurants. My sister, Nichole (who is in the picture), saw it from a distance and went right up to it. It was a quick snap and I'm actually surprised it was in focus. She was taken by the colors and just wanted to touch it. When she moved on, I stayed behind and got some shots by itself. I cut the 'saying' off in the original picture & thought that I needed to get the whole thing. But when I was editing, there was something missing when Nichole wasn't in the shot.

I love this picture. I was pleased with how it came out. I actually printed it on a 16x10 and think I may frame it!

Thanks again for voting! Stayed tuned for our final week's assignment on Monday (can you believe its been 8 weeks already?)


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