Week 40

Well here I am! 40 wks pregnant!!!

My original due date was January 24 but I have been measuring a week early so I'm actually due this Saturday January 18. My friend Mel asked for a belly shot this week so this is for her.

A little comparison for ya. Can you tell my attitude has changed since my last pregnancy? I couldn't get Paisley out of my belly fast enough last time. This time I want Hunter to stay in as long as he can. Our house still isn't picture perfect ready & I can wait a few more days before I am a mother to 2 under 2. So he can cook for another week if he likes. We'll see what happens this weekend.

My P always wants to get in the shot with mommy. Doesn't she look cute in her Carhart outfit??? Thanks Geraldean for that! Now if Paisley would just let me do something with that mop of a hair do, we'd be set!

It's probably going to be quiet around here for a while since I'll have a newborn soon. I promise to share pics and the story of his "birthday" once I get my wits about me. Until then, could ya do a mommy a favor and pray for a safe & healthy baby with an EASY delivery.

Thanks a bunch!

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