A lot of paint & some granite

The house is really starting to transform! While we were in Atlanta for Thanksgiving, they painted it! It's amazing how some paint on some sheet rock can really change a house. By the time I got there on Tuesday, they already had the granite in. It feels like its going to be forever before we get into this house but its only just a matter of a few weeks away!!!

Here are some current photos. I really wish I had a wide angle to give you more perspective but I don't. You'll just have to use your imagination.

Initially I wanted the 'default' color to be a light gray and go with the current trend. But once I realized that NONE of our furniture would match gray then I knew I had to go back to the basic tan that we had in our house in Raleigh. Although it's the same, I plan to add color in curtains, pillows & hopefully some new art work.

I love our built in entertainment center. That was a Pinterest that I had to sell Todd on. That wall is so big that it would have looked weird just to put our tv on it. I seriously think it will become the center of our living room.

WHITE Kitchen Cabinets! I have dreamed of these for years. The painters will come back at the end and do a distressed glazing on them but they look so good now! Love them.

Tile has started to go in as well.

My favorite part of the house is my desk area. It's off the kitchen wall right by my laundry room. I really wanted to paint the cabinets a different color to make this area stand out and I'm pleased with the color. Another idea from Pinterest.

I also painted my laundry room the same color as my desk.

Next up? A soft blue in our bedroom.

The master tub is up & they'll finish up the tile work behind it next week. I can't wait to fill that sucker up, drink a glass of wine, turn on the candles and chill in that thing. Whirlpools here I come!!!

His & her vanity.

Hunter's room and the kids' bath is the same blue as our room.

Paisley's room is the only room where I did the light gray. I really like it and think it will look so nice with her white crib.

And they finally stained our front door. Todd actually picked out the Texas star front door. Guess that means he's a real Texas now!

Hard wood floors, finishing the tile, carpet and lights are on schedule for next week. I'll post more pics when I have some. Still can't believe I'll have my own house soon. So excited!!!!

Victoria  – (December 10, 2013 at 1:52 PM)  

YAY! It's coming together! I love it! Can't wait to come visit. You do have a guest room, right? If not, I'll sleep in the tub!

Kenzie  – (December 11, 2013 at 8:33 AM)  

It looks beautiful!! I hope you get to settle in before your sweet baby boy arrives!

Ashley –   – (December 16, 2013 at 10:49 AM)  

The girls this weekend reminded me about your blog so I thought I'd check it out. Love all of the photos...your house is gorgeous and I know you can't wait to be there!! Love ya! Miss ya!

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