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A few people have asked about updates on the house. I don't know why I haven't put up any pictures on the blog. Lazy I guess. It's like everything else in my life, I just don't have time for it. But I do need to document the progress. Things are happening fast lately and it's really starting to look like a real house! Still can't believe we'll have our own house and own space one day. Living in a 500 sq ft 2 bedroom apartment at my mother's hasn't been easy. We are ALL (by all I mean me, Todd & even my parents) are ready for us to be on our own. The house was suppose to be done by Christmas but the builder has it won't happen. We're still praying for a miracle since I'm due January 24 & I don't want to move in the week I freaking give birth to my 2nd child!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyhoo. It started as an empty lot. Todd was the one who found it and literally went to the neighbor's house to find out who owned it. Unfortunately it was owned by another builder who wouldn't just sell the lot so my cousin (who built my parents house) couldn't build it. They started laying the foundation in August.

You can tell this was earlier in the summer when my belly was still flat. Not that way anymore!

We cleared out a ton of trees in the back yard only to find out that the thing slopes down about 10 feet into a creek. So we'll need some major landscaping done back there.

Framing went up in September.

I adore my kitchen windows & tall ceilings!

Todd's office is the only thing upstairs which is great because it will be his space & we won't bother him (or he won't bother us) while he works from home.

The garage is nice sized and will actually be able to fit both cars & all of Todd's lawn stuff.

Brick is up & done. Saratoga Springs is the name of the brick which is funny since I spent most of my summers in NY in Saratoga Springs at the horse track.

Sheet rock has gone up & they have also textured.

Cabinets are being installed now. We had some issues with some of the cabinets so that will hopefully get fixed sometime this week.

I'm in the midst of picking out paint colors which I hate because I'm just not good at it. But I think I'm pretty close to deciding everything.

Building this house has been a learning experience. And its been something that I'll never do again in my lifetime. This house is our dream home. It's perfect for us and meets all of our needs. I look forward to showing you more pictures in the next few weeks as it really takes on life!

Til next time,

geraldean  – (November 13, 2013 at 6:45 PM)  

I just happened to check tonight...It looks awesome!!!

Kelsey  – (November 21, 2013 at 8:37 PM)  

It looks great so far, really nice:)

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