Paisley Month 2

Can you believe my baby was 2 months old yesterday? It's amazing the difference 4 weeks will do for a baby. She is smiling & cooing now (it's the cutest thing). She has found her fingers & loves to shove them down her throat & gag herself. She's gained an entire pound & fits snuggly in 3 month clothes! She loves laying in her crib & looking at her sheep mobile (that's very new- as of yesterday). She is such a big girl & has had a month full of travel with LOTS of people loving on her. She's a true JOY! I love her so much that I just squeeze her fat cheeks every day!

From Paisley_Month 2
From Paisley_Month 2
From Paisley_Month 2
From Paisley_Month 2

And here's the cutest video of Paisley talking to Pops. This was the video that sent my husband over the edge. We were in Texas for 12 days without Todd & Paisley wasn't cooing when we left. This was new for her & Todd was missing it and it just about broke his heart. So we flew home a few days earlier! Click here

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Mel :) –   – (September 18, 2012 at 12:21 AM)  

oh my goodness, what a cutie!!! She looks so alert now - like she's ready to get into trouble :)

I love the one in the boppy with her arm hanging over the edge. She just needs a beer and the picture would be complete!

She has really gotten a LOT bigger in the past month! Look at her compared to the bunny! she's so adorable and so freakin perfect I can't stand it! You guys make pretty babies :)

Love you lots and lots and lots! Thanks for posting!

Kelsey  – (September 21, 2012 at 12:48 PM)  

Yah!! A new post!!!! Been waiting anxiously.

She is absolutely adorable; there really is nothing cuter. I just want to hug her and hold her in my arms. Pictures are wonderful but boy, am I excited to meet her. Soon, I hope!

Lots of love to Mommy! And Daddy too!

Momma T  – (September 26, 2012 at 9:10 AM)  

I absolutely love love the pictures of her next to the rabbit....the swadle one is pretty darn cute to! But the video of her finding her voice in Texas is priceless! I often watch it at home on my iPad because I miss her so much! love you, Momma T

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